Who is Chromatic Crystal?

Who is Chromatic Crystal?

Painting and me 

I love color. For me, it's one of the very few things that sparks energy and initiates the greatest feeling of expression for when I create art. It's rewarding and, somehow, reliable to me that I'm at the wheel of whatever the hell I want to make. Hey, wherever you find pride in what you're doing, just do it more, right? So today, that's evolved to exploring the newly developed art of painting with alcohol inks. At first, I thought alcohol ink was a play on words for something else but I was wrong.

Essentially, I'm a self-taught painter. Much of what I know about painting with alcohol inks is from experimentation, YouTube videos, and, believe it or not, showing others how to use alcohol inks. I find that learning from others is a gift, especially when we're all on the journey to know more. I first experienced alcohol inks at an introductory class taught by Francine Dufour Jones, an Alaskan artist who I grew to believe is one of the world's first pioneers to the art.

As an artistic medium, alcohol ink is similar to watercolor painting. There are seemingly infinite hues of ink to choose from, and with isopropyl alcohol you can blend, increase and reduce values, and create tints or washes. It dries quickly and can be used easily in combination with Sharpie markers, which I've found to be part of my own style.

My blood is part Inupiaq Alaska Native and I have been growing my painting skills since 2008, from acrylics to a more expressionistic and impressionistic approach with alcohol inks. My work favors vibrant exaggerations of Alaskan fauna, like ravens and bears, but I enjoy reaching out to abstract representations of Alaska Native subjects and artifacts. Humor, though, plays a large role in my personality, and I will always strive to show my "true colors" when I bring brush to paper on my journey of art.

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